About Us

Option Biotech is a Canadian company, manufacturing and distributing natural health products.

Our mission:
A total commitment towards our customers, thanks to a guaranteed refund on each one of our products for unsatisfied customers.

Our vision:
To provide you 100% natural products, fast acting, effective and different from other companies with similar products on the market.

Our values:
• Quality
One of our main goals is to maintain constant quality. And for quality, there is always a price to pay. You will never have a negative surprise with our products, we practice a very simple pricing policy: guaranteed satisfaction or money refunded. Moreover, there are only a few companies in Canada that offer such a guarantee. Hence we have 100% confidence and belief in the effectiveness of our products.

We select the most effective ingredients in our products in order to come up with the best and most effective product in the market.

• Commitment
One of our commitments is to provide you, on this Internet site, all the information necessary for understanding the use of our products in an optimum way. All additional questions can be sent to us by email to the following email address: info@optionbiotech.com or by calling us at the toll free # in Canada: 1 866 379-6969.

Our satisfaction policy : 100% money back guarantee

Only a few manufacturers of natural products offer a refund if a customer is not satisfied.

We offer this guarantee which enables you to try and test the product of your choice. All of our products give results in less than 1 bottle, except for the product Hair4Life, which require 2 bottles.

The effectiveness and the time to see results are so good that it is time for you to benefit from the products available and their benefits rather than saying "I do not believe in it" without having tested the product. With our policy of refunding money, you do not have anything to lose and will give you encouragement to saying: "I should try it…"

Our policy of refund is the simplest and best you can have.

When you had bought an item in a store, you can bring it back directly to this same store for a refund. You should also know that you must preserve your invoice. You should never return the item to the manufacturer for a refund.

Our policy of refund also works this way: You return the bottle, accompanied by the original invoice to obtain your refund at the same store where you bought the product.

Please note only 1 bottle per customer will be refunded.

We finish by confirming that all the information contained on this site is as precise as possible, as said and that all testimonials are exactly as narrated to us, without any exaggeration.

The Option Biotech Company

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